About FlyBag

In 2023, FlyBag was launched after several years of developing, testing, and further enhancing smart fly fishing products. Our goal is not to be the biggest, the best, or the most beautiful; our goal is for anglers to appreciate and enjoy our products to such an extent that we can continue developing products for many years to come because it is something we love to do almost as much as actually fishing.


Made in Sweden

Due to our design and development we are able to produce our FlyBag System & FlyBag LAB products in Sweden. We take proud in the fact that the products on the market now are assembled by pensioned fishermen in the heart of Sweden.


Low impact

From day one we aim to keep a low impact on our planet. To do this we put a lot of time in the design process to be able to produce FlyBag with as little parts possible.


Our Main Material

Raw Corium® / Recycled Leather + Natural Rubber

FlyBag products are made of highly durable and sustainable Raw Corium® which is a blend of recycled spill overs from the Italian leather industry. It’s bonded with natural rubber and is very tear resistant. It looks like leather and ages with beauty.


FlyBag LAB

To support sustainable growth and development, we have released FlyBag LAB. All FlyBag LAB products are produced in limited edition batches. When we see that the fly fishing community embraces a product, we elevate it to our FlyBag line up. This approach helps us minimize production waste while fueling our passion for developing quality fly fishing products.


If you are a Retailers, Press or who ever and like more info on FlyBag drop us a line at info@flybag.fish